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Jörg's Scuba Diving Addiction

Hi all, my name is Jörg and I´m from Austria. Let me tell you a bit about my diving experience… When I first tried scuba diving... Around 10 years ago, I took my first breath underwater at the red sea in Hurghada, Egypt. Since then […]

My Divemaster Journey: Corinne Telford

Firstly, if you are anything like me your first breath underwater will have you addicted! There is nothing quite like it, although I'd imagine astronauts would feel the same about zero gravity in space. Scuba is a life choice, a salty lifestyle full of friendship […]

Divemaster: 30+ Years After My First Breath Underwater

Before I go on to introduce myself I would like to say coming into ADI has been one of the most pleasant experiences I have had with a new organisation. I have been involved in many different clubs from member status to volunteer and also committee member. ADI […]

From The Hyperbaric Chamber To A Divemaster

Since I was a kid I used to dwell into deep forest where I will be lost admiring the nature. Once hunger strike, I find my way back home. But the thrill of the unknown was so awesome, I was always enthralled to be diving […]