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My Padi Advanced Course By Austin Perrott

Diving SMabbett COMMENTS 13 Jul, 2020

Saturday 13th, July. I started my journey through my advanced course. After meeting the instructor Bruce and assistant Corinne I started to settle in with this being my first course at this club. I also met the other student, James who was embarking on this course with me. We went over the skills that we would be tested on and started prepping for our journey down to St. Leonards.

 After arriving at St. Leonards, we assessed the conditions, and what a time to do my advanced course. Great conditions and visibility allowed for a great dive. After completing the skills, the night soon fell upon us for our night dive. Night diving was a brand new experience for me, it's already a completely different world underwater but at night, it's a different world. After surfacing, I realised that I was halfway to completing my advanced which made me even more excited for the following day.

 Sunday 14th, July. An early wake fore me as the boat leaves at 8:30. Once there I was introduced to Neil who would be our skipper. With unparalleled knowledge about the wrecks around the bay, he managed to hit the shot perfectly every single time. Our first dive was the J4 submarine, an awesome experience but I was mainly looking forward to the Canberra dive. The HMAS Canberra, a huge 138m long guided missile frigate sunk intentionally in 2009 and has been a major diving attraction since. When at first descending I didn't see this wreck, but soon the huge sunken vessel came into view and what a dive it was. Experiencing a wreck of this size was amazing and made me a bit sad when our instructor signalled for us to ascend. As we headed back the feeling suddenly hit me, "I've just finished my advanced, awesome. I bet there's paperwork when we get back.", and there was. Although I didn't get to the bucket in time (sorry Neil) and that was a first for me, the boat dives were amazing and now knowing that most of the wrecks around the bay are now available to me to dive, was a good feeling. 

 A big shoutout to Bruce and Corinne for guiding me through my advanced course, they made it easy and gave me confidence in diving to new depths. Also a shoutout to James, we did it dude! Not to forget to shoutout Jörg and Tom for jumping on the boat dives to make it more interesting. And finally a big thanks to Steve for allowing me to do this course, he has an awesome club around him and I felt very welcomed. 

 Can't wait for the next course!!!!!

 Austin Perrott

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