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Divemaster: 30+ Years After My First Breath Underwater

Experience SMabbett COMMENTS 10 Oct, 2020
Before I go on to introduce myself I would like to say coming into ADI has been one of the most pleasant experiences I have had with a new organisation. I have been involved in many different clubs from member status to volunteer and also committee member. ADI has most certainly been the most welcoming and inviting club/business to be involved with thus far.

My whole life, as far back as I can remember I was either on or in the water. My first scuba experience goes back 30+ years at the tender age of 14 sharing air with dad in Port Phillip bay. At 22 years old I dragged my now wife and a group of mates along to an open water course and out of the group only 2 of us progressed with our diving.


Over the years I have dived many destinations. Vanuatu, Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, Maldives, Papua New Guinea and Australia. At home my shore dives have been coastal, Lorne, Torquay, Ocean Grove, Queenscliff and the East and West Coast of Tasmania. Till this day Cottage in Queenscliff remains one of my favourite dives.
As a young man diving was not what it means to me today. As you get older you tend to understand how fragile this wonderful planet of ours is and with that a little over 15 years ago I adopted the giving back philosophy. Whether it's giving back through clean up days or giving back by encouraging others to respect the environment around them, be it below or above the ocean's surface. 
I enjoy sharing the experience and knowledge I have gained over the years. Everything from teaching the countless apprentices I have had through my business, the volunteers assigned to me through surf life saving teaching inflatable boat rescue, to showing friends the fun of water skiing on the river, so it felt natural that the next step in diving was to work my way to instructing allowing me to give back in scuba.
I pride myself on my patience with students and to make their learning experience fun and memorable whilst keeping the required level of professionalism. There is a feeling of satisfaction that can't be described when you hear someone telling you how fun their experience was knowing you gave that to them. 
My goal is to continue growing as a Divemaster then into an instructor enabling me to share the wonderful world that lives below the ocean's surface. 


- Cenzo -

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