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My Divemaster Journey: Corinne Telford

Experience SMabbett COMMENTS 26 Oct, 2020
Firstly, if you are anything like me your first breath underwater will have you addicted! There is nothing quite like it, although I'd imagine astronauts would feel the same about zero gravity in space. Scuba is a life choice, a salty lifestyle full of friendship and comradery. It makes the early mornings and late nights worth it. To experience the underwater realm is something truly magical. It bestows tranquility and serenity like nothing else I have experienced. I craved it from my first encounter in 2014. I loved it so much I wanted to experience others first encounters and share the experience with them. So I became a Divemaster. 
My Divemaster journey has been full of memorable moments. From my very chilly 14°c DM swim in nothing but a bathing suit, to the joy of an advanced open water student's first trip to the HMAS Canberra. He paused for a happy dance the smile on his face evident. In that moment I knew I was exactly where I wanted to be.
I could never imagine growing tired of Scuba diving. I'm looking forward to teaching my children the joys of Scuba and the respect for the ocean they will receive in return. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. It hasn't been easy, between study commitments and my four young children. However, what I recieve in return from the ocean and fellow dive buddies makes the hard work I put in mean so much more, then the struggles of time commitments.
To me the ocean has been the greatest stress release. It provides clarity, recharges the batteries leaving me refreshed and positive for any challanges ahead.
Dorothy xx 

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