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BOOK A BOAT DIVE Come boat diving with the friendliest Club in Australia

Australian Diving Instruction  Use Various Dive Boats Please check out Destination's Boats & Price's Below

Remember All Club Members Receive Free Air Fill for the Dive when booked through this site 

 What you need to know before you come:

Please make sure that Australian Diving Instruction have a copy of your completed and signed Statement of Understanding (SOU) and a copy of your dive certification prior to arriving to dive. Australian Diving Instruction only needs these once. If you have previously done this then it does not need to be done again, Alternatively, you can bring them on boat, however you will not be able to dive if the SOU or Certification is incorrect for the dive and no refund will be given.


The Time Stated below is the time the boat will depart,

Please make sure your equipment is assembled and ready to go, and you have your wetsuit on prior to boat departure time. 

Being late or not being ready could mean that divers booked on for the Dive could miss their dive as many of the Dives are dependent on the current.  

Therefore please make sure you allow ample time to arrive relaxed and ready for a great time.

WHAT TO Take on the Boat:

  • no tubs or big dive bags on the boat.
  • All Divers Must Have a Surface Marker Buoys.
  • Your dive gear assembled Checked and ready to dive.
  • Your Dive Certification if not produced at store prior 
  • Camera. Video's for the photographic diver
  • Current Fishing Licence if you are intending to collect seafood Australian Diving Instruction strictly follows the Victorian Fisheries Authority Fishing rules.
  • If you are doing a Double Dive and not returning between the dives you will need to have two tanks one for each dive.


  Destination Start Date Max. Places Places Available Price  
Double Dive Canberra and J4 Saturday 06 Mar 2021 3 3 AU$ 130.00

Double Dive Canberra and J4 -(MSV 6/03/2021)

  • Start Date: Sat 06 Mar 2021 at 12:30
  • Max. Places: 3
  • Places Available: 3
  • Our Price: AU$ 130.00

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Hanging Gardens Sunday 07 Mar 2021 4 4 AU$ 65.00

Hanging Gardens -(MSV 7/03/2021)

  • Start Date: Sun 07 Mar 2021 at 12:00
  • Max. Places: 4
  • Places Available: 4
  • Our Price: AU$ 65.00

Advanced Diver Certification

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Coogee Wreck Sunday 07 Mar 2021 6 1 AU$ 65.00

Coogee Wreck -(MSV 7/03/2021)

  • Start Date: Sun 07 Mar 2021 at 14:00
  • Max. Places: 6
  • Places Available: 1
  • Our Price: AU$ 65.00

DEEP Diver Certification

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Night Dive HMAS Canberra Sunday 07 Mar 2021 10 10 AU$ 100.00

Night Dive HMAS Canberra -(MSV 7/03/2021)

  • Start Date: Sun 07 Mar 2021 at 19:45
  • Max. Places: 10
  • Places Available: 10
  • Our Price: AU$ 100.00

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Rip Bank Monday 08 Mar 2021 5 5 AU$ 65.00

Rip Bank -(MSV 8/03/2021)

  • Start Date: Mon 08 Mar 2021 at 08:30
  • Max. Places: 5
  • Places Available: 5
  • Our Price: AU$ 65.00

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